Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Career vs Hobby

I have been thinking for a while now,  in my late twenties and I am still yet to fully get my career up and running. I have worked in different places some related to my chosen field of  study and some not. I do not know who else out there is in similar shoes as I am. Just a few thoughts as to where the shoe pinches. I am quite artistic by nature or should I say I love the social sciences. There is  this struggle in my mind to know which career path to take. There are many interests and things that fascinate me. what makes it really bad  hence some indecision ;is to an extent is my desire to know everything. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, whether its about animals, food, politics, history, travelling, children, fashion, new trends and so on and so forth. There is so much out there to interest one and to learn. But where does one draw the line from knowing which one is your clear career path and just your interest or hobby or can you combine both?  How do you know if you should pursue a hobby as a career?  Recently watched a tv programme and saw a guy who was working as a lawyer or something quit his six figure salary job to pursue a career in lego. He started making sculptures from lego bricks and oh my are they amazing!
It is quite frustrating in the sense that when one is passionate about too many things particularly if you love them all, its hard for you to make up your mind to follow a chosen route without thinking you may feel very cheated particularly if the chosen field does not really work out. Many people say follow what you love doing but in the economic climate we live in its quite hard to do such. You sort of want to have something you can fall back onto just in case what you really love doing does not blossom as you expect it to.
There is the constant feeling that you might be famous in that particular hobby you think you are good at, you have received compliments for. but what if you don't become as creative as you like to be, or opportunities do not arise enough to express your desired gift? Should one give up or keep on trying? I look at my peers and feel there is that innate pressure to be successful as soon as possible, quicker than you could say ' dodo'. There is the pressure to meet up to expectations of parents, people around, society, friends and family.
There is also the question of should one follow a vocation or a chosen career. Are you a hands on person or someone who can sit at a desk contently. I know certainly where I fall and it is not at the desk. There is that desire to be one's boss, particularly for those who struggle to handle a 9-5 job, please there is nothing wrong with you. You might be best suited for starting a business of your own and being an entrepreneur.
There other train of thought too is that , is one giving up too soon on a prospective career to follow a much easier route because of all the hard work it would take to build that career. is it out of sheer laziness to develop ones self. It could it be also the frustrations of finding the right job telling on a person, hence making them indecisive?
I guess the answer is to be patient , work hard and trust God to guide one in all ones endeavours. Also to have hope and keep on planting seeds, knowing that one day it will sprout and as you nurture it, it will become a big tree. There is no fast route to success at the end of the day. It is good old rich principles, hard work, education and an endearing spirit.