Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bus ride

A time for sober reflections on the way to work
catch up with my thoughts and plan my day of work
a bumpy ride by an over zealous bus driver crazy on caffeine or just plain wild
a time where I catch a glimpse of the day's news in the paper
a time to chitchat and catch up with old friends you happen to meet on the bus just hope there isn't an awkward silence or avoid someone you don't like
where you wish the person seating next to you would only turn down their music but you are too polite to say and suffer in silence
Bus ride a time for goodbye's to friends until you see tomorrow at school
a quiet moment to yourself and see local sights
a time to be kind to the person who hasn't got enough money to get on the bus or change to pay for the bus fare.
To be kind to an old stranger and offer you seat or kind to yourself because you back and feet are aching from a days hard work.