Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What defines me.....

A question we all need to ask ourselves, if we want to live life with purpose and the Way God wants us to live it. I have been thinking about this for a while now, just how in the world we are defined by so many things.

First of all what we do as means of work, so your career, vocation or job. we have created jobs that are more prestigious than others, take for example Doctor sounds much better than home maker. we place so much emphasis on what we do for a living, please don't get me wrong, its very important because it involves to a greater extent some things that you enjoy doing and also source of income, but when it comes to it and that job goes and you have to stick with a less prestigious one how would you feel, just for a while. when you meet up with friends, family or past colleagues and they ask what do you do? what is your reaction?

Titles, I know that from where I come from it is such a big thing! One must be known as Doctor, Mrs, archbishop, reverend, chief, senior pastor yangayanga! we place so much values on them, sometimes use them to intimidate others, your title is not just for the sake of it, it serves a purpose, you were bestowed with it for a reason.

The Family I come from, are you proud of yourself knowing that your  family is well to do, rich, parents are hip and go with the trend, or are you happy with your family members be it whether they have different characters that may not even suit societies idea of how people ought to be in terms of being trendy, posh etc

what you earn, would it make any difference to who was your friend, who you hang out with depending on what you earn or not. Remember we are to condescend to men of low estate. Christ did that, did not esteem His riches and the position he had for anything, but laid it all down so that he might save us all. I know money is a big thing these days and usually the more you have of it the more you can buy and many people may feel the more happy you are but better is a house where bitter herbs are eaten and it is full of joy and happiness, than a house full of sweet bread where there is sorrow and anguish.

Your possessions, am I married or not, do I have children or not, have I got a house I own or not, do I have a house in the village or not, do I own a car or not, do I have a masters or not, a Phd or not, do I have the latest phone, weave( brazillian, peruvian , the list goes on lol ) . I just remembered what Paul wrote i have learned in whatsoever condition I am in to be content, I have learned to abound and to be abased basically to be rich and to be poor. Just remember this that God will supply all that you need according to his riches in glory, I am not saying that meaning you should  claim everything that comes your way but that the things that you truly desire and need God is ever ready to supply, that which will bring you joy and increase and also glorify His name.
The way I look, am I beautiful or ugly ( in your mind, because everyone is beautiful), I believe the world has actually defined what beauty is and when you discover that the way you look does not fall into that criteria , how do you feel? Thank God for it anyway, I know its easier said than done but loving yourself for who God made you to be is so important, being honest it takes a lot of stress from your life. Instead of struggling to be a skinny size 8 which might suit others, stay the size 12 that you are, you are still healthy and being curvy might suit you better. we are so obsessed with looks in the world, I know times when I have been to certain places say like a salon and I know I was well dressed but because of the image that the hairdressers in this particular salon had created about customers I was not treated as best as could.
what should define us as believers should be who we are in Christ. we are over-comers, head and not the tail. There are more weighty matters in life than certain things, understanding our priorities will really help us. The fact that I wear designer clothes, should that make anyone less important than I am. There is a value that God has placed on each and everyone's life, we should all appreciate one another for where they come from, the experiences they have gone through and not put everyone in the same bottle.
what actually defines us should be the way we live our lives and for whom we live our lives, our character, the way we think of others, the way we treat others, how we love and respect others. You find that when you don't have certain things your perspective of the world changes and you tend to value those things when you have them. That's why a season of trials is necessary so that the gold nature of God will be brought forth in us.Trying times come to allow us see who we really are, if we don't like what we see or what we see does not line up with his will about us then we cry out to God to change us. God wants the fruit of the spirit to be born or birthed in each and every believer, love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith and meekness. These are the things that should define me. I believe these are things we learn through life, not just at one good, so its not a one of lessons and we are sorted. the lesson keeps popping up until we have learnt but also to remind us when we have forgotten. Just bear in mind that I am in no way implying we should not look good, be irresponsible or untrue to ourselves but that the meaning of who we are be well understood then everything will be in God's perspective.