Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food and the World

I get so fascinated with food. I love the colours,tastes, smells and places they come from. i recently went to this restaurant called Wahaca, I  absolutely loved the food, the ambience was nice, music not too loud, prices were really good, staff were very friendly and most importantly we all had a very good time. when i go to places like that it kind of makes me want to travel to the actual places these foods originated from, mexico in this case. sometimes i get scared that many traditional foods in the world are losing their genuineness( if there is any word like that lol ) especially when they are taken to western parts of the world. i want to eat Nigerian food made by proper Nigerians who understand the culture and know what each food means and how it ought to be represent . Please don't get me wrong I am not saying that the people who own these restaurants have no clue as to what they are doing but that the proper way things are done should be maintained. Each culture should be represented fully and truly, it makes for diversity, for enjoyment, for fun and for excitement! lol .Below is a picture of some fun interesting food I made with my Ghanian friend while at university, this was the height of desperation, it was all that was left so we just scrambled up this delectable kitchen delight lol. If you want to know the ingredients and how it was made, drop me a message and I will explain!
One thing that has kind of baffled me a bit, is how African food is not so popular all around the world. i keep waiting to see any Ghanian, Liberian, Congolese or Nigerian dish on any of the food network channel. well i guess the world is waiting for me lol but seriously it would be great to be able know that African dishes that is core African dishes are well known, now am not talking about Moroccan or Ethiopian, they have made there mark. Now would you not love to eat something like this in any well known restaurant.Pounded yam and Egusi soup. i know i would! Take for example the Ghanian kenkey and fish, so delicious kenkey and fish. I am sure there are so many wonderful and delicious dishes out there, yet to be enjoyed in the culinary world. well just a thought that crossed my mind. more to