Monday, 21 December 2015

Pink lemonade smoothie

Being healthy cannot be underestimated. A healthy person is a wealthy person. You can go about your daily activities with easy. Even if you have a health condition , you can still find eating right a good place to start with managing it.
This one packs a punch... i used a whole lemon ... yes with the rind and all well apart from the seeds.  If you love being healthy and don't mind the slight astringent feel with slight bitter tangs then this is for you. I used zobo/hibiscus drink with honey to make this. Recently been discovering the wonders of lemon. Apart from being rich in vitamin c.. it is a decent source of potassium and vitamin B6. Apart from putting the common cold at bay... its great for digestion and keeps the body in an alkaline state therefore preventing disease from thriving. I know many people say lemons are acidic but actually do the opposite when they enter the body. It also helps in supressing the appetite. Amazing fruit i must say... ah there are the beauty benefits too.. try taking lemon juice before bed daily and see how clear your skin will start to look. You can even using the essential oil from the rind on your face. But please try and use unwaxed lemons or better still organic ones.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Coconut chicken and prawns on a bed of salad leaves

Coconut chicken and prawns on a bed of salad leaves with Zobo/hibiscus drink . Healthy eating can be very delicious honestly. Its amazing how the flavours in this recipe combine... so tasty. I have been on an eat clean sort of diet. Its  amazing how food tastes without stock cubes... for years been telling people how unhealthy these cubes or stock pots or whatever form they  are. Honestly you are better off not eating these excitoxins. Anyway to my recipe very simple

Olive oil
Pink himalyan salt(honestly this salt is packed with flavour) use rock or sea salt if you can't find it.
Chicken breasts or diced chicken from any part will do
Handful of Prawns
An onion
1 tsp chilli flakes
Yellow,orange,red peppers
Coconut milk
1tsp Corn flour
Curry powder

Add olive oil to pan about 3 tablespoons to heat on medium heat. Then add some of the chopped onion to flavour the oil and add chicken to cook until all done and add all spices
Then add prawns and allow to cook until pink if you are using raw prawns. Add vegetables and fry for another 3-4mins and then add coconut milk about 1 cup and then add corn flour. Keep stiring at intervals so sauce does not stick at the bottom of the pan. Cook for about 5min until sauce has thicken to the consistency of gravy. Serve on a bed of your favourite salad leaves. Enjoy

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Chocolatey gluten free Beetroot cake with cranberry sauce

So i was trying to get a red velvet cake done but i wanted it relatively healthy and did not want to use artificial food colouring. But it didn't turn out red. I don't know but every red velvet i have made has never been red i guess because of the brown ingredients present. Mainly because i love a rich tastey cake more than a good looking one, its always character over looks for me.So here are my ingredients in the last picture the only thing missing is vanilla extract,you need a teaspoon. This cake was very light and fluffy and with the cranberry sauce it just give it that tang to compliment the sweetness of the cake. 
To make the cake mix the wet ingredients separate from the dry ingredients ,make sure you sieve the cocoa,carob and brown sugar in,just to avoid having lumps of those ingredients in your cake batter, also use a strong spoon to help while sieving. Then pour the dry ingredients into the wet and mix until fully incorporated. Pour into your desired tin of choice but make sure you butter and flour your tin in this case make sure you use corn flour or gluten free flour to do so. Bake at 175 degrees celsius for about 25 minutes or until your knife comes out clean from the cake whem checking to see if it is fully baked. For the cranberry sauce use about a handful of cranberries with about quarter cup of water add a tablespoon of sugar and blend. You want the cranberry still tart and not so sweet. Serve drizzled all over your slice of chocolate beetroot cake ... enjoy the gorgeous cake!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Vegetable pancake pizza

So i got inspired by another blogger one friday night and i was hungry. Its a simple alternative to pizza and you can add any topping you care for. The ingredients are
an egg
Cup of water
white onions
One scotch bonnet
green chillies
curry powder
Chicken stock pot
mix flour and egg with water and whisk throughly. Add chopped kale about a handful. Slice all the other ingredients and mix spices together. In a tray add some oil to grease the tray. Then pour the batter in and make sure it is all leveled out. Then spread the sliced tomatoes in any pattern you like. Mix the other ingredients with the spices and spread on top of the tomatoes and bake in the oven for 30mins or until done at 180 degrees celsius. You can use this as a starter for dinner with friends or a simple light dinner and even for lunch at work or school. Add any other meaty ingredients if you are the carnivore type or more vegetables or both. I hope you enjoy this nutrient packed dish. Enjoy cooking..

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yam hearts and liver sauce

Yam a low glyceamic carbohydrate,releasing energy gradually. Liver full of iron and protein. I remember saturday mornings as a child perceiving delicious odours of liver sauce as my mum prepared breakfast. Breakfast was always a must in our home and still is in mine now. My husband and i make sure we eat something very satisfying on weekends. Ah we don't joke with weekend breakfast. During the week its sort of hard to have a proper breakfast together because of that early morning rush.  Traditionally as a child we would have fried yam with liver sauce.
However decided to make mine a little healthier using boiled yam. It still tastes great. Very satisfying and it is absolutely delicious. All you need is..
Hot peppers
Stock cubes(i used chicken,try beef or anyone that suits your taste)
Curry powder
Sunflower oil
The very first most important step after cutting and cleaning your liver is boiling in water to remove the scum. My mother in her funny accent would always say 'pour the first water away' in her Nigerian bura accent. She said that a meat seller in the market had adviced her to do this. It actually tastes better and cleaner.

Rinse the boiled liver and add sunflower oil and fry for about 2mins. Then add all the fresh ingredients and fry until brown. Add stock cubes ,salt and curry powder to taste.Add about 5 teaspoons of cornflour into a cup of water and pour in to liver. Allow to simmer on low heat for about 20mins. You should allow the sauce reduce into a semi thick sauce.Boil yam which should take about 20mins. For those of you who are not so conversant with yam. It is a root similar to potatoes,cassava and sweet potatoes. So if you can't find yam in your area feel free to substitute with these. Enjoy it.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Rose birthday cake

Hello again, this time around its a cake for a change. I love cake decorating. Its the only artist thing that you can see with two eyes that i do lol. This cake actually took me at least 6 hours to decorate mainly because i had to change the design at one point. I made a spicy victoria sponge cake. Many people who have tried my cake love it so this recipe of mine is definitely a keeper. Enjoy the pictures....

Coconut chicken vegetable soup

For those who are looking to loose weight yet find something delicious and satisfying to eat, here is my very own coconut chicken and vegetable soup. It is filled with lots of yummy goodness and it is very easy to do. So here goes, the ingredients for this soup are
coconut milk
bell peppers
bay leaf
curry powder
stock cubes
hot chilli/pepper
cameroun pepper(roasted hot pepper)
1 tablespoon sunflower oil
Some of the ingredients i used were organic but pls feel free to use what you can afford but also make sure they as clean and not full of chemical pesticides.