Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yam hearts and liver sauce

Yam a low glyceamic carbohydrate,releasing energy gradually. Liver full of iron and protein. I remember saturday mornings as a child perceiving delicious odours of liver sauce as my mum prepared breakfast. Breakfast was always a must in our home and still is in mine now. My husband and i make sure we eat something very satisfying on weekends. Ah we don't joke with weekend breakfast. During the week its sort of hard to have a proper breakfast together because of that early morning rush.  Traditionally as a child we would have fried yam with liver sauce.
However decided to make mine a little healthier using boiled yam. It still tastes great. Very satisfying and it is absolutely delicious. All you need is..
Hot peppers
Stock cubes(i used chicken,try beef or anyone that suits your taste)
Curry powder
Sunflower oil
The very first most important step after cutting and cleaning your liver is boiling in water to remove the scum. My mother in her funny accent would always say 'pour the first water away' in her Nigerian bura accent. She said that a meat seller in the market had adviced her to do this. It actually tastes better and cleaner.

Rinse the boiled liver and add sunflower oil and fry for about 2mins. Then add all the fresh ingredients and fry until brown. Add stock cubes ,salt and curry powder to taste.Add about 5 teaspoons of cornflour into a cup of water and pour in to liver. Allow to simmer on low heat for about 20mins. You should allow the sauce reduce into a semi thick sauce.Boil yam which should take about 20mins. For those of you who are not so conversant with yam. It is a root similar to potatoes,cassava and sweet potatoes. So if you can't find yam in your area feel free to substitute with these. Enjoy it.