Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Hair Journey 2......

 last time I wrote about this, people where asking what my hair is like now. Now i don't want to discourage anyone but it has actually broken off a bit, reason being i slacked on the hair journey and did not pay attention to it by giving it all the tender love and care it needs.
I would really love to know peoples opinion if you have experienced this, it means so much to me so feel free and drop a comment below. The idea is not everybody's hair is suited for certain weather conditions especially when you have permed or relaxed hair. Since living in a colder climate I have discovered my hair was not thriving as much when relaxed, it would get brittle and dry and just break off. Even when I moisturise my hair, by the next day its dry. African afro hair seems to thrive better in humid and warm climates.
So I am also resorting to cutting my hair and growing my hair natural and keeping it that way. I know straight hair is nice and easy to manage but I think afro hair can be too if we spend time knowing our hair. This has been different for me in recent years, am starting to know and understand my hair and know how to treat it right. what oils work well with my hair and how should I care for my hair. Foods we eat play a big role to the strength,shine and beauty in the hair. A diet of vegetables,whole grains, fish and other types of protein ,nuts and fruits will help the hair grow strong.
So today is the big chop and am hoping and praying to nurture my hair back to afro health!
And yes true to my word, I had the big chop and it has been 10 months now and am loving it. I have learnt so much about my hair and I feel so comfortable with my hair. I have type 4c hair, so my hair has little,tight curls and it is dense. I do not think I ever want to get my hair relaxed again.

My 10 months natural hair plus shrinkage lol

My normal routine since my big chop has been, moisturising with water and locking in moisture with Avocado oil,Castor oil, Shea butter and Sesame seed oil and also Glycerine. I have found they work very well for my hair. Castor oil tends to thicken my hair strands, making them stronger, Avocado butter is amazing, its so emollient and makes hair soft and smooth. I also deep condition like every two weeks or before any hair do. my usual treatments are -Avocado and Banana hair treatment or eggs and cider vinegar treatment. They both help to condition your hair and leave it soft. I also use a Shea butter conditioner and sometimes after all the treatment I rinse my hair out with tea such as Black tea for extra strength or Hibiscus tea. Its so important to use as many natural products as possible because many of the man made ones are filled with so many chemicals that are just not healthy for your entire body.
The first few months of my natural hair, I trimmed my hair regularly, cutting off all the weak ends from relaxers.
To protect my hair I try not to do hair styles that put too much strain on my hair strands, like fixing a weavon too often and I noticed with constant brushing of the weavon it weakens your own hair because of the constant pulling and combing. I discovered this new hair style, crocheting. At first I made it with straight hair and because I had to constantly comb, part of my front hair gradually broke off.  So I decided to use curly hair so I would not have to do any combing at all and still have the protection I needed during the winter months.
It worked out fine. I usually leave my hair out after a couple of hair styles but I make sure I am daily moisturising with water and sealing with butters. I also either make my hair into twists when I am home or plaits and cover with a silk scarf all day, so my hair does not dry out. I sleep with a silk scarf too and a silk pillow just for extra coverage in case my scarf comes of at night.
Whenever I go out with my natural hair, I make sure it is well moisturised with water and oiled. Try not to leave the hair out for too long, no longer than two weeks in winter so that it does not keep breaking from dehydration or the stress of cold winter months.
Your diet matters too, eat well, drink a lot of water and exercise as much as you can. So there you have it. I will do another update soon.