Monday, 23 February 2015

kale moi-moi layers

Recently i have seen so many different ways of making moi moi ,everybody's take on it. One that really fascinated me was the moi moi roll up. It was too ingenious and looked like something crafted in a top class restaurant. It was beautiful. So i decided to try mine and i did not completely weigh out the pros and cons to making moi moi this way.  So i ended up with moi moi squares. To start with it must be done in a tray wide enough so you can have good rolls. But if you want to have them in squares then pile the layers as high as you can, varying each layer. Here are the ingredients used
beans flour
Red hot pepper
Red bell peppers
stock cubes
mixed vegetables
White onions
beef stock

Blend onions,bell peppers,red peppers,tomatoes in water. Add to beans flour and stir until wet and dry ingredients are fully incorporated. Add beef stock ,stock cubes and salt to taste. In another bowl set aside some of the beans mix. In a blender add some kale and blend with water and stir into the mix, it will turn green. Boil the eggs,allow to cool,peel and slice. Then in a bowl add spices like curry and thyme to mix vegetables. There is no need to cook them first as vegetables do not take a long time to cook and you would end up with overcooked and dull looking vegetables.
Now it is time to layer. First grease your tray with a little oil or butter. The pour the red beans mixture and level out, the next layer will be eggs and then vegetables and finally the kale mixture. Make sure it is all leveled out. In a pre heated oven bake at about 180 degrees celsiua for about 50mins or until done. It really depends on how much water you have added to the mixture. Finally its ready and it is the must satisfying and tasty dish. I had mine with a little Nigerian tomatoe stew. 

Beans are very rich in folic acid,iron, zinc and B vitamins,protein and fibre. They mainly contain incomplete protein hence its important that you supplement with other foods that will give you complete protein. If you are looking for a fuller longer meal this is definitely one to go for. Slowly releasing energy and hunger pangs are kept at bay. For the health lovers, it is a clean, nutritious meal that keeps you vibrant. Personally i have found that when ever i needed to strengthen my balance or even concentration levels I include more pulses such as beans. Please always consult your doctor before any dietary change as we all have different bodies and health situations. 

Kale mix and red beanflour mix
Eggs on top

Mixed vegetables

Finally kale mix

 Enjoy cooking and be inspired.