Saturday, 7 March 2015

Chocolatey gluten free Beetroot cake with cranberry sauce

So i was trying to get a red velvet cake done but i wanted it relatively healthy and did not want to use artificial food colouring. But it didn't turn out red. I don't know but every red velvet i have made has never been red i guess because of the brown ingredients present. Mainly because i love a rich tastey cake more than a good looking one, its always character over looks for me.So here are my ingredients in the last picture the only thing missing is vanilla extract,you need a teaspoon. This cake was very light and fluffy and with the cranberry sauce it just give it that tang to compliment the sweetness of the cake. 
To make the cake mix the wet ingredients separate from the dry ingredients ,make sure you sieve the cocoa,carob and brown sugar in,just to avoid having lumps of those ingredients in your cake batter, also use a strong spoon to help while sieving. Then pour the dry ingredients into the wet and mix until fully incorporated. Pour into your desired tin of choice but make sure you butter and flour your tin in this case make sure you use corn flour or gluten free flour to do so. Bake at 175 degrees celsius for about 25 minutes or until your knife comes out clean from the cake whem checking to see if it is fully baked. For the cranberry sauce use about a handful of cranberries with about quarter cup of water add a tablespoon of sugar and blend. You want the cranberry still tart and not so sweet. Serve drizzled all over your slice of chocolate beetroot cake ... enjoy the gorgeous cake!