Thursday, 17 December 2015

Coconut chicken and prawns on a bed of salad leaves

Coconut chicken and prawns on a bed of salad leaves with Zobo/hibiscus drink . Healthy eating can be very delicious honestly. Its amazing how the flavours in this recipe combine... so tasty. I have been on an eat clean sort of diet. Its  amazing how food tastes without stock cubes... for years been telling people how unhealthy these cubes or stock pots or whatever form they  are. Honestly you are better off not eating these excitoxins. Anyway to my recipe very simple

Olive oil
Pink himalyan salt(honestly this salt is packed with flavour) use rock or sea salt if you can't find it.
Chicken breasts or diced chicken from any part will do
Handful of Prawns
An onion
1 tsp chilli flakes
Yellow,orange,red peppers
Coconut milk
1tsp Corn flour
Curry powder

Add olive oil to pan about 3 tablespoons to heat on medium heat. Then add some of the chopped onion to flavour the oil and add chicken to cook until all done and add all spices
Then add prawns and allow to cook until pink if you are using raw prawns. Add vegetables and fry for another 3-4mins and then add coconut milk about 1 cup and then add corn flour. Keep stiring at intervals so sauce does not stick at the bottom of the pan. Cook for about 5min until sauce has thicken to the consistency of gravy. Serve on a bed of your favourite salad leaves. Enjoy