Monday, 21 December 2015

Pink lemonade smoothie

Being healthy cannot be underestimated. A healthy person is a wealthy person. You can go about your daily activities with easy. Even if you have a health condition , you can still find eating right a good place to start with managing it.
This one packs a punch... i used a whole lemon ... yes with the rind and all well apart from the seeds.  If you love being healthy and don't mind the slight astringent feel with slight bitter tangs then this is for you. I used zobo/hibiscus drink with honey to make this. Recently been discovering the wonders of lemon. Apart from being rich in vitamin c.. it is a decent source of potassium and vitamin B6. Apart from putting the common cold at bay... its great for digestion and keeps the body in an alkaline state therefore preventing disease from thriving. I know many people say lemons are acidic but actually do the opposite when they enter the body. It also helps in supressing the appetite. Amazing fruit i must say... ah there are the beauty benefits too.. try taking lemon juice before bed daily and see how clear your skin will start to look. You can even using the essential oil from the rind on your face. But please try and use unwaxed lemons or better still organic ones.