Wednesday, 17 April 2013


here goes my first blog, I hope it will be worth the read. I used to do a lot of writing( in past just on things i felt really passionately about  . my husband is my greatest encourager with all the things i love doing.
I love food, seeing new places and a bit of fashion- I love good clothes and shoes , who doesn't?  so i am kinda letting myself enjoy my hobbies, reading good stories, watching good movies, dancing every now and again and music, I really love singing.
forgot to say i love writing too,i kinda pick it up and stop, hopefully i will try to be more consistent. i have been really intrigued how writing has gone to a different level, even the face of journalism has changed, sort of thinking of the likes of Linda Ikeji.
Thinking of fashion, i think this lady's work is worth checking out i absolutely love her style, for me its fresh and vibrant. I love seeing decent and good clothes.
Check out this guy called Jonathan McReynolds, here is a link to a song he wrote- No shades of grey- He just kind of explains how we must be on the Lord's side or the devil's side.we can't be in-between, there is no de-militarised zone.
i hope what i have written is not here, there and everywhere. anyway watch this space.....